UK DfT CBT - AIRCREW SECURITY (RECURRENT) TRAINING (ACSR) *Only for operating crew on "G" registered aircraft.

COST: £30.00 + VAT - Per CBT user.

​CERTIFIED COURSE: Yes, UK Department for Transport.



​Who's required to complete this CBT course:

All operating aircrew that operate on a UK registered "G" registered aircraft, or fall under the UK NASP, pre-approved by the UK DfT/CAA.

Modules presented:

1. Threat to Aviation.
2. International & National objectives of aviation security and legislation.
3. Response to Security Incidents, Including Threat Assessment.
4. Maintaining effective security.
5. General Security Awareness.
6. Awareness of Airport Security procedures for aircrew.
7. Recognition of firearms, Explosives, Incendiary devices and DG.
8. Searching and checking Aircraft.

9. Protecting Aircraft.
10. Hi-jacking – Police Organisation, Objectives and Procedures.
11. Aircrew response to a hi-jack.
12. Emergency procedures in the air.
13. Emergency procedures on the ground.

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