UK DfT CBT - BAGGAGE RECONCILIATION (AAA) NON- APPOINTED - *Only for staff that full under the UK NASP.

COST: £30.00 + VAT - Per CBT user, per course.

​CERTIFIED COURSE: Yes, by UK Department for Transport.


​VALID FOR: 60 Months.

​Who's required to complete this CBT course:

All employees involved in the baggage reconciliation process (AAA) from the check-in desk to aircraft loading.

Modules presented:

1. Aviation Security - Organisation, legislation and previous acts of unlawful interference.

​2. The aims and requirements of baggage reconciliation.

​3. Procedures & techniques of baggage reconciliation.

​4. The check-in.

5. The baggage make-up area and transfer unit.

​6. Aircraft loading.

​7. The gate.

​8. Contingency arrangements.

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