AVIATION security consultancy services

Contact: +44 (0)7932 764730 I Email: pETER.MILLER@UKAVIATIONSECURITY.COM


We advise, support and guide Air Carriers and other aviation entities in all areas of Aviation Security and Risk Management.

We offer the following consultancy services, on a full-time, part-time and

ad-hoc basis, we design all of our agreements and services on a individual bases, based on the organisations financial and technical needs, our main services include:

  • Creation of a range of bespoke Aviation Security Programs & Documents for Air Carriers, Cargo, In-flight and Airport Supplies aligned with UK DfT, EU, IATA and ICAO SARP's and regulations.

  • Advise and support on Security Management Systems (SeMS) for Air Carriers based on IATA and UK CAA SeMS guidance material.

  • Create of Covert/Overt testing regimes for Aircraft search, Cargo & Passenger screening.

  • Create and support of bespoke Aviation Security Training packages and teams for all aviation entities, in all disciplines of aviation security within the industry.

  • Complete a range AVSEC Audits, Inspections and Surveys for air carriers, as well as design bespoke scopes, checklists and schedules to your operation and network inline with UK, EU and IATA SARP's.

  • Complete Crew Hotel and Transportation Security/Risk Assessments for your employees/operating crews.

  • Available 24/7 as a Lead threat assessor for your organisation/entity.

  • Advice and support for U.S TSA regulatory requirements in TSA required AVSEC training, Secondary Screening (Gate) and Behavioural Detection (BDP).

  • ​Creation and presentation support of Security/Risk Data Analysis to use within your organisation to a board level.

  • Advise and create policies and procedures bespoke to your organisation with regards to "Insider Threat" management, Human trafficking, Disruptive passenger handling and Sexual assault in-flight.

During this challenging period of COVID-19 most of our services can be completed remotely through video-conferencing & emails.​

            Please view our AVSEC Consultant profile online.