AVIATION security consultancy services

Contact: +44 (0)7932 764730 I Email: pETER.MILLER@UKAVIATIONSECURITY.COM


We advise, support and guide Air Carriers and other aviation entities in all areas of Aviation Security and Risk Management.

We offer the following consultancy services, based on the operational and financial needs of our clients, we design all of our agreements and services on a individual bases, our main services include:

  • Creation of a range of bespoke Aviation Security Programs & Documents for Air Carriers, Cargo, In-flight and Airport Supplies, Known Consignors and Regulated Agents aligned with UK DfT, EU, IATA and ICAO SARP's and regulations.

  • Advice and support on Security Management Systems (SeMS) for Air Carriers based on IATA and UK CAA SeMS guidance material.

  • Creation of Covert/Overt testing regimes for Aircraft search, Cargo & Passenger screening.

  • Creation and support of bespoke Aviation Security Training packages and teams for all aviation entities, in all disciplines of aviation security within the industry.

  • Deliver a range AVSEC Audits, Inspections and Surveys for air carriers, as well as design bespoke scopes, checklists and schedules to your operation and network inline with UK, EU and IATA SARP's.

  • Deliver Crew Hotel and Transportation Security/Risk Assessments for your employees/operating crews.

  • Available and "on call" 24/7 as a Lead threat assessor for your organisation/entity.

  • Advice and support for U.S TSA regulatory requirements (within the TSA MSP/ACISP).

  • ​Creating presentations of Security/Risk Data Analysis to use within your organisation up to a board level.

  • Advice and creation of security policies and procedures bespoke to your organisation with regards to "Insider Threat" management, Human trafficking, Disruptive passenger handling and Sexual assault in-flight.

  • Advise and support any new entities wishing to apply to become Known Consignors or Regulated Agents within the United Kingdom.

During this challenging period of COVID-19 most of our services can be completed remotely through video-conferencing & emails.​